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Welcome to the Institute for Technology, Strategy and Innovation.

ICT companies and Financial Institutions face unique challenges in the world of business, as they are faced with the 3 forces of Bandwidth, Processing Power and Storage.  These were scarce in the recent past but are fast becoming abundant! This plays havoc with Business Models and pricing strategies. The interconnected environment that the Telecom companies have created, has also largely taken away their scope to innovate as the control of the Digital Value Chain has moved towards the edges of the network, specifically to the smartphone’s Operating System providers. Networks are in the process of becoming dumb pipes. As processing and communication is the core of a variety of Financial offerings, we are also seeing a huge disruption in the Financial domain space over the next decade. 

Within this limited space to innovate, the ICT and Finance Industry sectors need to become more agile and responsive to the changing needs of the marketplace. Traditional Innovation consultancy rarely works, as the ever-present stories of blowback and anti-stories from a company’s own employees attest to. It is far better to create a sense of ownership relating to Innovation from within the company’s own ranks.

The Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation (ITSI) has developed a unique Innovation approach by using an indirect approach to harness the company’s own innovation potential. By identifying the unique Innovation challenges and opportunities faced by a company, an intervention (programme) is designed to enable to a much bigger chance of success. By providing post-graduate University accredited courses, a company allows a chosen set of individuals to obtain the necessary skills, insights and strategies to develop new innovations from within. Each group needs to create a Business Case for a new innovation and is provided with all the building blocks to effectively do so.

ITSI has successfully delivered more than 300 students and more than 80 innovation projects in the South African ICT and Financial landscape over the past decade. All courses are University accredited and registered at the Council for Higher Education for rebate purposes from the relevant SETA. All training costs are also directly supportive to BEE targets with the BBEEE status that the University holds.

By packaging training and development courses specifically for the ICT sector and by assisting in the creation of Innovation projects, ITSI has consistently provided a far better ROI on training than generic University-based Management courses. Please feel free to contact us for a more detailed presentation of our courses, methodology and track record.


ITSI has a core team of experts and educators which enables it to provide dedicated consulting and training interventions. ITSI has distinguished itself as the foremost Telecommunication training provider in the South African environment over the last 12 years. Its university accredited, in-house training programmes have met with national and international acclaim. Its extended network of international experts has assisted ITSI over the past twelve years to create a variety of sought after programmes in the ICT and financial space. 

ITSI has core competences in assisting in the technology strategy and innovation spheres. These interventions are packaged as customised training interventions that will enable participants to create innovative and implementable  business plans aligned with the company's strategic directives.

Our experience in the Technology Strategy space spans more than a decade, and our ability to leverage valuable human resources enable us to provide a level of strategic insight that is extremely valuable in an environment in which innovation is not only a competitive differentiator but becoming a business necessity.

We specialise in the following fields:

Innovation Management

Technology Strategy Training
Breakthrough Innovation Consulting
University accredited in-house training programmes (company specific)

The Institute for Technology Strategy & Innovation is based on four pillars:

Future and scenario research
Technology & Innovation Strategy
Business Reframing
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

These pillars enable ITSI to:

Provide high impact keynote presentations
Provide technology and innovation strategy coaching to Managing Executives
Provide University accredited in-house strategy courses
Provide Sustaining & Disruptive innovation interventions

ITSI is a futurist strategy consultancy with very close links to Tertiary Institutions. We particularly focus on helping companies and individuals understand the technology & innovation side of business. We assist CEO's, CIO's and CTO's with strategic advice by combining the Technology & Innovation Strategy Body of Knowledge, ITSI's future and scenario research and the specific technologies, characteristics and challenges of the industry & organisation in question.

We also assist organisations in providing invaluable strategic coaching via a unique approach of creating in-house, company focused strategic training programmes, which are University accredited. Although these programmes have an academic basis, its true purpose is to enable organisations to create practical & innovative strategies in a very complex technological environment. Our successes in the banking and telecommunication space will attest to the value and popularity of this approach.

We focus on helping companies reframe their core value propositions in a fast changing marketplace as we leverage the potential and effectiveness of their technologies, people, and processes and thereby enabling them to be prepared for the business challenges of the 21st century.

Get ready for a whole new ballgame - A Transferred Reality (TR) is upon us

CAPE TOWN- 30 September 2015 - The geeks amongst us have been waiting for this moment for years. Quite simply the day when Virtual Reality becomes indistinguishable from “real” reality! As some would say, the only difference between Virtual Reality and Reality is the amount of data we experience.

Faced by Disruption? Don't think innovation, think exaptation.

Nature is far more adapt at harnessing complexity than linear, predictive systems. Maybe we need to borrow a page or two from her book when the status quo is challenged and a new ecosystem winks.

Death by a thousand cuts: The next big disruption

Previous generations of disrupters were singular giants that swept established players from the game board with a foul sweep. The Amazon giant disrupted bookstores, the Apple iTunes giant (and a few buddies) took down CD stores and the Gang of Four (Google / Apple / Microsoft / Facebook) have negated telecoms to be nothing more than dumb pipes. In these industries, the Great Disruption has already occurred; we are simply waiting for the aftermath to unfold.